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It is so exciting to stay in the Kansai region which is a cultural center and the historical heart of Japan. Where you choose makes how you stay as each city has different aspects.

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What do you want to try? Explore food culture and cooking, enjoy traditional art and fashion and visit historical or regional hidden places with locals. Here there are what you want to do.



2/7(水) インバウンド向け 体験の紹介&ホスト交流会

昨年10月11日から訪日外国人観光客のビザなし渡航や個人旅行が再開されて以来、 円安も相まって沢山のインバウンド旅行者が来日するようになりました。 「日本に来れる日を待ってた!」という方も多く本当にありがたく感じます。 コロナ後の観光客は観光以外にも「体験」の需要が高まっている..


Cherry blossoms are in full b

28年2023月<>日 和歌山県根来寺  ..



2023年3月15日(水)10:00~13:30 近畿運輸局観光部主催で、インバウンド(訪日外国人旅行者)向け観光コンテンツ造成・タリフ作り勉強会が開催さ..


Japan Open & Many Tourist

Hi This is Kenji. We have re-started several experiences since Oct 2022. N..

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Why was the “Demon Slay

Setsubun is held on February 3th. It is the event held to pray for our happy and healthy life. On that day, we throw away beans with saying "D..


Happy New Year 2022!!

Happy New Year! All the best wishes for the New Year. In Japan, New Ye..


Mt Fuji is open on 2021

Mt Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and kind a symbol of Japan. Last y..


Cherry blossom season is comi

  Dear all of the guests from overseas, Thank you for visiting our si..