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It is so exciting to stay in the Kansai region which is a cultural center and the historical heart of Japan. Where you choose makes how you stay as each city has different aspects.

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What do you want to try? Explore food culture and cooking, enjoy traditional art and fashion and visit historical or regional hidden places with locals. Here there are what you want to do.


End of year 2020 Greetings

  The outbreak of the new coronavirus caused an unexpected global disaster for everyone on the earth, this year. But we believe in the re..

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We are implementing the following measures to prevent and minimize the spread of..

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The Emergency declaration in Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe was canceled on 22nd May 202..


On 7th Apr 2020, Japanese government announced an Emergency declaration for 7 ci..

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Cherry blossom season is comi

  Dear all of the guests from overseas, Thank you for visiting our site. The blooming of cherry blossom in the Kansai area is expecting ..