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Sink into daily life as if you were Japanese

*About me? Congratulations! EXPO2025 in Osaka! Hi! my nickname is "taka-san". Now I live in ibaraki city located at north Osaka since five years ago. The city is a major transportation destination about 30 minutes...

Curious Off the beaten path in Kyoto

*About me?  Hi guests! My nickname is "Taka-san".I know Kansai area very well.Because I lived in Kyoto,Osaka,Kobe and Shiga.I already have a experience tour,bar hopping,in Osaka.All my guests are satisfied with my tour.So I want...

A Hidden Gem Shioya Kobe

  Kobe lovely off the beaten track town Have fun talking with local people & a super smiley environment! First, let's go to the harbour. Enjoy a photogenic view of surrounding Mt Rokko, Awaji island, Pearl bridge,...

Kobe beef lunch & Kitano tour

Genuine Kobe beef & multicultural town Kitano has a lot of different religious buildings—including a mosque, a synagogue, catholic, baptist, and eastern orthodox churches, and Indian and buddhist temples—where the international residents go to pray...

Curious Off the beaten path in Osaka

*About me? Congratulations to Osaka EXPO2025! I was born in Osaka. So I know Osaka people very well. Osaka have the most intimate and hospitable heart in Japan, like to laugh and like to make...

Osaka Okonomiyaki Cooking Experience!

Osaka Okonomiyaki Cooking Experience! Have you tried Okonomiyaki? Let's enjoy cooking Osaka soul food Okonomiyaki with Osaka locals! Let's cook Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza /pancakes) , Onigiri (rice balls) and Miso soup! I usually invite our Osaka friends enjoy...

Rental kimono dressing + Hair styling

The kimono is the traditional Japanese national costume. It has a history of more than 1500 years. Wearing kimonos has become the latest fashion for foreign tourists. Please choose your favorite kimono,Obi(brood sash),Zori(sandals),and Bag. I can give you...

Deep Osaka Night Life Eat & Drink

“Deep Osaka Night Life Eat & Drink” Time: 19:00-21:30 Price: 10000 yen Super food tour in Food capital city of Osaka. Takoyaki(octopus dumpling), Sushi, Wagyu BBQ, Ramen, all in hidden local gems. This is real Osaka Night life. https://jet-jin.com/deep-osaka-night-life-eat-drink/ 【大阪】<フードツアー> 「ディープ大阪 夜のはしご酒ツアー」 時間:19:00−21:30 値段:10,000円 グルメタウン大阪にて、選りすぐりの逸品の食べ歩きツアー。 たこ焼き、寿司、和牛焼肉、ラーメン。 地元の人しか行かない、隠れ名店を巡ります。 これぞ本場の大阪のナイトライフ。 https://jet-jin.com/deep-osaka-night-life-eat-drink/  

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