Enjoy a quaint fish village!


I would like to share my favorite local view with you.

Kobe lovely off the beaten track town

Have fun talking with local people & a super smiley environment!

First, let’s go to the harbour. Enjoy a photogenic view of surrounding Mt Rokko, Awaji island, Pearl bridge, even Kansai airport across the sea on a sunny day. Also my fisherman friend would wait for you. You can visit seaweed factory if it opens. Even if it’s closed, you can taste and buy it if you like. Then through the tunnel, we’ll go into SHIOYA town. I’d like you to know about real Japanese daily life by walking through a temple, a shrine, a cemetery, hospital, etc. Also, I want to share my local vision with you, visiting a barber shop which has over 100-year his

tory, a tatami factory, and our beautiful heritage, and others when they open. During walk, let’s enjoy various local snacks & drinks.

  • 【Place】 Kobe
  • 【Duration】 3.5 hours
  • 【Price】 5,000 yen
  • 【Guest Requirements】 Minimum age:2 years old
  • ※ Children aged 12 or under must participate with their parent or legal guardian.
  • ※ Parent or legal guardian can bring a child under the above minimum age
  • 【What I’ll provide】 1 meal, Snacks, Drinks and Equipment
  • 【Languages】 English

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  • 【場所】 神戸
  • 【時間】 3.5 時間
  • 【費用】 5,000 円
  • 【参加条件】 最小年齢:2 歳
  • ※ 12歳以下の方は法的保護者の参加必須
  • ※ 上記最低年齢未満のお子様は無料にて同伴可
  • 【含まれるもの】 1食分の食事, スナック, ドリンク and 用具
  • 【対応言語】 英語