On the off the beaten alley & Machiya

Duration : 2 hours

Price : 3200 yen

Host : Chieko

Originally this area was South edge of Osaka castle in 15DC So you can find some relics of castle moat without water. This area, KARAHORI is named after moat without water(KARA=empty, HORI=moat). Now a day there still remain many off the beaten path, like maze and many Machiya(mercantile houses).Somes are remodeled into cafe/cute shops. You can enjoy not only sightseeing but also shopping, eating.

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I live in this area over 25 years and love here. And I'm a member of Karahori comunity map volantary group. So I know all highlights in here and can guide you on off the beaten paths that are not on guidebook. Off the beaten paths are like maze and unique. Some are open for tourists, some are private but no indications. I know all paths that we can walk thought there are not indications. And there are many MACHIYA( old mercantile houses) remained from 15DC. Some old houses have been renovated into cafe/shop. Almost of all shop masters are my friends, they may recommend you something special in their shops. Let's enjoy togeth