Kanpai time!!
Tsuyunoten shrine
Historical Shinto shrine.

【Osaka Central Osaka】<Walking Tour – Food and Drink>

What we will do

Thank you for accessing “Osaka station cuisine Hunter”.
We will meet at the central gates of JR Osaka station. We’ll start with Japanese pepper rice crackers made in Osaka, and show you which sweets are Osaka long-running products while walking through some department stores. Then we’ll go into the Osaka maze of underground mall, which has unique history, and continued stories. In the mall, there are various shops selling cosmetics, fresh flowers, handmade craft, and others. For the lunch please enjoy a bowl of fabulous curry udon (whose taste is exactly what I was looking for over decades), and for the desert we have “healthy and simply tasty organic ice cream”. This sweet ice cream is to bring a balance between the bitter taste of the matcha which is drunk after eating the ice cream in spacious area as if we are not at JR Osaka station. At the end, I’ll take you to go watching a big tuna cutting show!! If you wish, you can do shopping for the super local food like sauces, spices, and others.


Terumi Shirakawa is a worldwide home-cooked dish researcher & instructor based in Japan since 2008. She also runs Full Dining and provides Japanese home cooking classes for visitors in Osaka, Japan since 2018.  It will be a perfect opportunity for you to experience and enjoy Japanese cooking.

Full Dining URL: fulldining.jp 

Instagram: @terumishirakawa

  • Vegan, Vegetarian & Muslim options available!!
  • If you are allergy to any food, or need dietetic food, please let me know in advance. I’ll try to meet your requirements.

【Meeting Location】 JR Ibaraki station, or OSAKA MONORAIL Unobe station
【Duration】 3.5 hours
【Price】 7,200 yen
【Guest Requirements】 Minimum age: 2 years old
※ Children aged 12 or under must participate with their parent or legal guardian.
※ Parent or legal guardian can bring a child under the above minimum age
【What I’ll provide】 A 3 and half hour tour, a full meal with a cup of tea.  Japanese pepperrice cracker, Lunch, ice cream, one drink.
【Languages】 Japanese, English


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For more info, please visit the following website or e-mail.


Various typical dishes for lunch

Organic ice cream with nuts and/or fruit
Sashimi with vinegared rice
Sashimi with vinegared rice
Curry Noodle with fantastic curry sauce and sweeten beef.
Curry Noodle with fantastic curry sauce and sweeten beef.
Some women draw wooden votive tablet to pray for their beauty.