Private bar time with Geisha apprentice

Gion area is most authentic area that you can feel you time travel to a hundred yeas ago. In this experience, we walk around historic merchant houses street, and we’ll explain about culture about Geisha (in Kyoto we call Geiko, and their apprentice is Maiko), and their lifestyle. After we walk about an hour, we’ll enter a luxury bar located in a historic area. We order wine, whiskey, cocktail or sake, we’ll wait Maiko san to come to our room. Finally Maiko san come to our room, we’ll can talk with Maiko san and you can ask them about their lifestyle, etc. Maiko san can be with us about 50 min. But we’re sure you feel time fries. Watching Maiko san’s makeup, Kimono, accessories, behavior is very unique experiences. It’s like Maiko san is gathering of all the Japanese beauty. (For night time experiences, we go to a luxury bar. For afternoon time experiences we go to a authentic fan shop. At a fan shop, drinks are not alcohols but Macha green tea.)

Duration: 2 hours
Price: 15,000yen per person (including the fee to invite Maiko san to our room, and Maiko san’s drink are included.)

Your Guide: Kenji and Akari

Kenji and Akari are both dedicated English speaking tour guides who love Kyoto culture. Kenji is professional trekking tour guide (also a travel freak) and just started his own tour business. Akari is professional tour guide, online Japanese teacher, and Airbnb experience hosts community leader in Kyoto. Kenji has “Gion Night Walk & Japanese whiskey”. Akari has “Gion walk & a drink at a Luxury bar”. So we often discussed about tourism in Kyoto, and our own Gion tour. For long time, we really wanted to make authentic experiences. To make it happen, we made this experience by team.