Learn how to sharpen knives from professionals

Want to own sharp and beautiful Japanese knives? Ok, take a look first!

Each Japanese knives have different purposes

Japanese knives are very known for the sharpness mostly, but also famous for the variety of types of knives. Even if you got a nice knife, you will make it dull and useless without sharpening collectedly. Now you can learn how to sharpen knives from professionals and also fit the knife handles by yourselves. The end of the workshop, you can bring your own Japanese knife with your Kanji name (or any kinds of words in Japanese)on the blade.

You’ll choose one knife from Santoku knife(general knife), Yanagiba(Sashimi slicer), Deba knife(For dressing fishes), and Petit knife(Small knife).

Duration: 2.5 hours
Price: 14,000 yen (Including your knife, rental apron, words on the blade)

※Left handed Yanagiba and Deba knife need you to pay ¥3,250 extra on the site.


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Your Guide(Yuji)

Hi guys! I’m the guide, Yuji! I was originally made and grew up in Osaka. I’m a very social person and love eating, drinking(beer), meeting new people. My plan is traveling the world and visiting my guests, who I met in my tours, during the trip! (I won’t wear Kimono when we meet lol)