The local event “Karahorirahen Workshop Festival” will be held by shops around in Tanimachi 6chome area on 3rd, Nov,2019.

There are valious kinds of workshop.

Visit here to know the details about this event.

Tomoko will teach “Rolled Barley flakes cookies making”

Details is here.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


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I love eating,especially authentic food. As I get older, I can not eat much. I decided to take a meal that I would not regret as much as possible when I thought how many times I could eat meal in the rest of my life. It's true that awesome foods make many people smile. I like to see their smile,and also I wish I could share the joy with as many people as possible, I started the cooking workshop using the good quality ingredients for local people in 2010. In addition to just introducing good quality foods, I'm aiming at connecting Japanese traditional food culture to the next generation and communicating the goodness and taste of handmade going.